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YNW Melly DEATH : Stabbed in Jail

Tony Wunsh Another raid on the US treasury. Wait until we see what needs to be done for goodness sake. Can you imagine how much bull crap additional spending Pelosi will try to add to this. Want to help, but want it to be just the help, nothing more and nothing less.

Bill Bootsie Copeland This shows how government reliant we have become!!!! If you heard about a pandemic and need the government to tell you to social distance and to wash your hands you are a huge part of the problem!!! Personal Responsibility is what America needs more than anything!!!! Blame a President or a Political Party for a virus is asinine!!! Some of you people have clearly lost your minds and hate has taken over your life!!! Geez.

Rick Anderau I hope they remember the small businesses and the self employed. They are always telling us that we're the backbone of the economy! The big guys can get by without financial help for weeks. The small guys with hourly employees are taking it in the ear right now! Most hourly employees and self employed depend on weekly income!

Kevin Poole What happened to all you Trump supporters who said this was a hoax, made up by the media and that we didn't need to worry at all? Interesting how one week can change so many people's opinions.

Micky Craig Meanwhile the government gets "two weeks paid sick pay" while the taxpayers are going bankrupt. They're getting and blowing our money while the middle and lower classes are facing the worst crisis of our lives.

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